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Assistive Equipment for Adults

TADACT can help achieve improved mobility for adults with a disability and for older adults by modifying commercially bought wheelchairs, motorised scooters and walking frames to better suit the needs of the individual. For example, TADACT has modified a number of walking frames to be one-handed to enable individuals will hemiplegia (paralysis to one side of the body) to use the equipment more effectively following a stroke. TADACT is also able to modify and create a broad range of assistive equipment to help with domestic tasks such as cooking and cleaning as well as leisure activities. At TADACT we have previously created a one-handed pool cue and a canopy for an electric scooter. We have also created a rig to enable a wheelchair user to abseil! We are also able to custom-make a range of bathroom aids to assist with greater self-reliance in the context of personal hygiene, such as steps into the bath or toilet steps, and can provide or construct products to raise chairs, couches and beds so they are easier to get in and out of. Examples of all these items can be found here in the TADACT catalogue. It is important to note that TADACT is a creative, problem-solving organisation with the capacity to design unique assistive equipment from beginning to end. If you are unable to find what you need in our catalogue, or you have a piece of commercially purchased assistive equipment that requires modification to make if more suitable for the user, please contact us to discuss your situation and we’ll see how we can help. In some cases TADACT assistive equipment can be further customised to include a finish in a paint colour of your choice.


Technology for Ageing and Disability (ACT) Inc, 27 Mulley Street, Holder, ACT 2611


(02) 6287 4290



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