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National Disability Insurance Scheme

Accessing Assistive Equipment via the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) It is advisable that people with a disability and/or their carer obtain written clinical justification for a specific piece of assistive equipment from a registered occupational therapist or physiotherapist, as well as a written price quote from the nominated provider (such as TADACT), prior to engaging with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) regarding their initial plan or prior to their annual plan review. In this way a budget for the piece of assistive equipment can be approved by the NDIA and then funded under the budget line ‘assistive technology’ along with the initial establishment or review of the plan, which helps pave the way for a smoother process overall. TADACT has recently employed an occupational therapist in the role of project coordinator and can provide assessments for assistive equipment along with written clinical justification. For further information on how we can assist with equipment assessments, clinical justifications and navigating the NDIS, please contact TADACT. For general information on the NDIS please refer to their website:


Technology for Ageing and Disability (ACT) Inc, 27 Mulley Street, Holder, ACT 2611


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